Nkosi Law is an experienced and progressive law firm that prides itself in effective
and compassionate representation of its clients in matters related to divorce and
family law, immigration law, income support appeals (ODSP and OW) and
general civil litigation.

Nkosi Law practices in association with the following lawyers:

Jason Bogle - www.bogleslawoffice.com
Criminal law, civil litigation and human rights law

Ron Franklinwww.franklinlaw.ca
Employment and labour law, human rights law and worker’s compensation law

Allan H. Sockenwww.sockenlaw.com
Estate, trust and capacity litigation; landlord and tenant law

Zeenath Zeath - www.zeathlaw.com
Criminal law, real estate law and family law


NKOSI LAW accepts Legal Aid certificates. If you intend to pay for legal services by using a Legal Aid certificate, please ensure that you have been approved for a certificate before scheduling an appointment with Nkosi Law.