• Have you been denied Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or
    Ontario Works (OW) benefits?
  • Have you been assessed an overpayment on your ODSP or OW benefit?

If you have answered yes to one of the two questions above, don’t
despair. At Nkosi Law we routinely assist clients in appealing ODSP
and OW decisions to the Social Benefits Tribunal and to the Divisional
Court, if necessary. We appreciate that ODSP and OW clients are
amongst the most vulnerable in our society and as a result, require
compassionate and sensitive representation.

For vigorous, yet compassionate legal representation in ODSP and
OW appeals throughout the Greater Toronto Area please contact
Nkosi Law today to schedule a consultation. We can be reached
at 416.487.5715.


NKOSI LAW accepts Legal Aid certificates. If you intend to pay for legal services by using a Legal Aid certificate, please ensure that you have been approved for a certificate before scheduling an appointment with Nkosi Law.